Super rare original WW1 USMC officer's overseas sidecap.  I pulled this off of E-bay about 8 years ago when someone didnt know what it was, and had it mislabled.  These caps gained popularity during WW1 when US troops went "overseas" in 1917 and 1918 (styles were copied from the British, French, and Germans).  These caps were abolished after WW1, only to come back later and stay for good.  This is a French made version with theater made sandcast EGA (I have only seen a handful of these in many years of searching for Corps devices.  It also has a false emboidered 2ndLt insignia.  This cap is the exact one pictured in Alec Tulkoff's definitive work "EQUIPPING THE CORPS, VOLUME 1" on page 306.  It is maker marked with an embossed stamp on the silky cream liner.  Can make out "PARIS" and that's about it.  There is a name on the light tan colored leather lining, but I can't make it out, the writing is faint.  Looks like "LT. R. (or F.) R???HA?.  Part of the EGA's pin is broken, about 1/4" of the tip.  However the EGA can still affix to the cap.  The cap has some light scattered mothing.  on the left side and two to three pencil tipped size holes on the right (not detractive at all). 

This is a rare cap that is missing from most advanced Marine collections.