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Some things to know before pursuing a hobby in collecting the EGA.

1.  There is a lot of variation in officer and enlisted devices due to a widely "unregulated" production by hundreds of manufacturers.  You will never be able to collect them "all".  I have over 600 versions and counting.
2.  Avoid purchasing anything described as being earlier than 1900.  Real examples are extremely rare (yet plentiful on Ebay see here).
3.  The majority of EGAs are very common and date from 1937- to modern day and don't command a lot of value.
4.  It is extremely difficult to prescribe "patterns or "models" to devices as many versions were worn and made over decades (in some cases 40 years) only changing in material and method of attachment.  In addition, the USMC did not regulate the production of devices until modern times. 
5.  The Corps device was instituted in 1868.
6.  The Corps device appearance has remain unchanged since 1962.
7.  Collar devices for enlisted men were not authorized until 1918.
8.  Reproduction and fantasy pieces abound and are sold as real by many unscrupulous people (see my fakes updates here and sellers that sell them historically).
9.  Sadly no great reference book exists on these emblems.  Colonel John Driscoll's historical "The Eagle Globe and Anchor 1868-1968" was not a work of love, it was directed by the Marine Corps as part of its historical series.  The photos are black and white, it has been reproduced so many times that copies on the internet are very poor, and it contains many inaccuracies that have perpetuated over the years with collectors.

I am making this a clickable USMC EGA reference section....with each icon expanding into more detail....when complete it will be the largest online repository of Marine EGA insignia in existence.....please keep checking back to the Eagle Globe and Anchor Militaria EGA Emblem  Reference.......

EGA Reference Section

The EGA Reference Section is under construction and will be back soon SUMMER of 2020!!