Another E-bay seller that sells reproduction Marine Corps insignia as originals is "gatorgirlartifacts".  This seller carefully lists one a month of each variety that can be found at S&S.  This seller's garbage is below:

If the collector or reenactor wants a reproduction, in order to fill a gap in a collection, or use as a representative piece, they can be purchased at low prices from S&S Firearms (Glendale, NY).   S&S sells these as reproductions. They are identical to the ones being aged and sold as original unscrupulously.

A reproduction P1852 with brass prongs added and aged (pulled from generallee292 auction Jan 2017)

A cast fantasy piece (pulled from generallee292 auction Jan 2017)

An repo 1868 Civil War embroidered anchor with 1892 EGA.  You will see these anchors mated with many different EGAs (pulled from generallee292 auction Jan 2017)

Fake Alert and Reproductions

A reproduction P1859 Civil War kepi emblem with brass prongs added and aged (pulled from generallee292 auction Jan 2017)

A fantasy conglomeration of P1875 repo EGA and P1845 wreath (pulled from generallee292 auction Jan 2017)

A reproduction Mills belt plate with P1892 reproduction EGA attached (pulled from generallee292 auction Jan 2017).


Many of the original dies for early Marine insignia wound up in the hands of people that have been stamping insignia for years.  Copies have also been made of the original dies. The E-Bay seller "generallee292" has been selling these fantasy and reproduction Marine insignia for many years now.  The seller claims them to be original.  It is unclear if the seller is putting these together knowingly or getting them from another source.  Many of these items bring hundreds of dollars and are in fact, quite worthless.  The pieces are being chemically aged (acids, burying, urine), having attachment loops added or being made into crazy fantasy configurations to entice the novice.  Dr Fred Bruier's EGA book "United States Marine Corps Emblems 1804 to World War I" (Schiffer Books - $49.95 is the only authoritative work that dives into these pieces and the die history.  It is a must have book if you want to begin collecting EGAs.  See my review here: EGA Book Review